Plus Size Wedding Dresses & Bridal Gowns

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

The fashion world is undergoing a revolution where designers and bridal stores are becoming much more inclusive when they come to their sizing and measurement. The bridal dressing world is no exception. More and more gowns are becoming customised for and come in larger sizes now. 

Close to the city centre, SunShine Weddings specialise in a variety of high quality, affordable plus size wedding gowns in sizes up to 34.


  • You need to order your dress about 5 – 6 months in advance.  This allows time for the be made and shipped.
  • Some of you ladies will not be wanting to show your arms on your wedding day.  That’s fine, but the selection of plus size bridal gowns with sleeves is slim. There are some, but there will be only be a few to choose from.